2Trilli.net is a free music downloading website which gathers and indexes links from numerous sources.The 2Trilli.net website offers you the ability to download and stream the latest MP3, Album, and Mixtape files at the push of a button completely hassle free, the service is ideal for users who are interested in a non intrusive browsing experience.

As the site progresses the features we offer you will progress also, we look forward to enabling a trending table for those on to go users just wanting to listen to the latest songs in the quickest manner possible..

Though we comply to all DMCA take down request we advise you to be aware that when using our website, none of the audio files are hosted directly on our network. We take no responsibility over the files on our network, and we can promise no form of secuirty relating to the Torrents, Zips, MP3's, or any other form of download you may aquire from our service. We're strictly third party.

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